Volucalc VS

Volucalc™ RT is a variable and constant speed pump flowmeter. For variable speed pumps, it uses the pump curves flow/head/RPM of 1 to 4 pumps, the level and pressure signal and generates a flow proportionnal 4-20mA output. It uses the most advanced patented volumetric flow algorithm for constant speed pumps. Data is downloaded to a USB key or MaidMaps. No software required to produce reports. MaidMaps can activate a remote relay and display readings.

All the features of the Volucalc Hybrid CS are included in the Volucalc Hybrid VS. We did not copy everything to keep this page as light as possible, but look in the CS page for the Energy Saving Calculator Spreadsheet which has a tab for variable speed pumps.

The Only Plugin Variable Speed Pump Flowmeter

All of the Volucalc HybridTM CS features are included in the Volucalc hybridTM VS.

The Volucalc Hybrid™ VS uses calibrated pump curves to derive flow rate. Its accuracy is directly proportional to the quality of the calibration. It uses the pump’s RPM from the VFDs analog outputs. The instrument’s generated reports show daily pump efficiency, which is used to detect abnormal events and crosscheck pump calibration. The integrated Volucalc Hybrid™ VS high precision volumetric flow algorithm is useful to calibrate the pump curves.

Total Head

1- PDF document with pump curves


2- Click over PDF pump curves to copy them through transparent window

The Pump Curve Editor allows the user to copy, through its transparent interface, the variable speed pumps curves supplied by a manufacturer. The Configurator generates formulas for these curves so the VolucalcTM computes the right flow rate whatever the pump’s speed at any head.

The included user-friendly MaidDevice Configurator software simplifies the setup by offering to the user configuration dialog pages based on its initial choices.

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Input Outpout

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Monthly report as downloaded to a USB drive

The most complete on-site generated reports of the industry

Monthly report

About water coming in the station:

1 Effiency of the station (volume/watt)
2 Green House Gas caused by ineffiency
3 Wated money due to lack of effiency
4 % of use of the pumps compared to their combined capacity
5 Total volume that came in the station
6 Average inflow rate
7 Maximum and minimum inflow rates with time of occurence
8 Monthly Totals and Averages

About the pumps and combination of pumps:

9 Number of starts
10 Runtime single and combinations
11 Average current (one phase)
12 Volume pumped by pump
13 Effiency per pump (higher value means less expensive to operate)
14 Pump flow rate
15 Monthly Totals and Averages

About Alarms and Suspicious events:

16 Type of event
17 Date, time, and duration of occurrence
18 Alarming value


  • 4 motor inputs are used for a mix of RPM inputs from VFDs and current clamps. They are used to monitor pump operations, evaluate power consumption and pump speed.
  • Volucalc has an integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply circuitry to keep important equipment like the level sensor and cellular modem powered during power failures. Simply add a rechargeable 12-volt battery.
  • The WattMeter module adds complete electrical analysis for each pump (one module per pump). The data recorded for each phase are Voltage, Current, RMS power (watt), Power factor and Frequency.
  • The digital input can be used to monitor rain, level, check valve operation or any dry contact accessories. The reports will show when, for how long and how many times events occurred or totalized events for pulses.
  • 2 analog inputs are assigned to the level and the force main pressure. Like all analog inputs, they can be set by software to 4-20 mA, 0-5 Volts, 0-10 Volts and even 0-24 Volts.
  • All the unused analog inputs (pumps, level and pressure) can be used to record and report values supplied by other equipment like mag meters and specialized flow meters.
  • 6 digital outputs can be used to generate different alarms and send flow or volume proportional pulses to a sampler or other equipment like a PLC.

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Volucalc Hybrid™