Current Clamps 300 Amps

300 AMPS Current Transformers

The current sensors MLCT300 (300 Amps) uses the latest current transformer technology. They are designed to meet the most stringent requirements in the industry. All models meet safety standards IEC1010-2-032, 600 V, Cat. II.

These sensors have a jaw opening of 30 mm (1.19 ’’) and can accommodate a conductor with 29 mm (1.15 ’’). Its unique jaw facilitates fixing and hanging on the conductors.

Manufactured in polycarbonate and welded by ultrasound in order to guarantee their robustness and their overall and lasting reliability.

The use of coiled toroids improves high and low-end performance. The precision of each model is optimized for its current range.

AC probes for frequencies from 40 Hz to 10 kHz.

On Volucalc Hybrid, place the microswitches on the right relative to the input to which the current sensor is connected BEFORE connecting the current sensor to the electrical equipment to be monitored.

Adjust the Volucalc Hybrid Input using the Configurator software before connecting the sensor to the Volucalc.

Current clamps must always be connected to the reading instrument before installation on the electrical equipment to be measured.

Only a person with the required skill should install this product.