On the instrument, press button #4 for USB functions.

3 formats of data files are produced by the instrument: MLDATA, HTML and CSV.

To get the MLDATA SoftMaid compatible high-resolution data file, press down to SoftMaid / Tech data file. This file includes all the readings recorded at a resolution of one second for the selected month. If you need Maid Labs help to analyze an installation, this is the file that is requested. Maid Labs use SoftMaid to analyze everything.

To get a CSV file of all the events, Select Raw Data, which is a CSV export.

To get the Volucalc Monthly report, press Reports, then go down to Monthly Volucalc.

To get Overflow or Event reports, it’s within the same part of the menu.

Press this link to see where are located these functions within the Menu Flowchart.

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