Smart wastewater pump station

Flow, real-time diagnostic, lower run time, cost reduction, increased safety

Simply add what is missing to a working wastewater pump station:

    • An extremely accurate volumetric flow meter,
    • Real-time diagnostics,
    • Remote monitoring and alarms,
    • Lower pump run time*
    • Lower maintenance cost*
    • Reduced quantity and impact of SSO events.

Maid Labs Technologies proposes the small affordable Volucalc Hybrid for Constant Speed pumps or Variable Speed pumps. Our team developed more instruments and software for analyzing wastewater pumping stations than any other companies and our many patents are proof of this.

Try our technology. It will meet your needs and more. Installation in pump stations with constant speed pumps is quick and easy. , Seriously, try it!

Find out why our pumping station monitoring system is the most versatile

The Future Of Lift Station Analysis

Volucalc Hybrid Series

To better manage wastewater pump stations

Volucalc Hybrid CS

Abnormal behaviors are reported before degenerating using real-time diagnostics with flow and efficiency monitoring. Decrease the electric bill by 15% to 30% using our flow based operating system. Reduces quantity and impact of SSO events. (Patents pending)

Volucalc Hybrid VS

Adds to the Volucalc Hybrid CS functions the capacity to calculate flow through variable speed pumps. (Patents pending)


Lukas Gallup, EIT & Jennifer Morreale, PE

CFM with Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.

Over the course of the past 7 months Hubbell, Roth & Clark has utilized Maid Labs Volumetric flow meters (Volucalc RT and Hybrid), a Maid Labs rain gauge, and the Softmaid software to monitor flows for an infiltration/inflow study. We installed Volucalcs at 10 pump stations in 2 different communities across the State of Michigan.

Using Maid Labs’ Device Configurator, each Volucalc can be set up very easily with limited information such as wet well dimensions, number of pumps, and on/off levels of each pump within the monitored pump station. Alarms and different inputs can be configured here as well.

Once configured, the Volucalc can be installed. Maid Labs offers the option to use an external battery or an AC adapter to power the Volucalc, and we chose the AC adapter option (which is the way to go if there is a power outlet available at the pump station). The included current clamps are then easily affixed to each pump within the control panel and monitor the on/off cycle durations. In combination with the proper wet well dimensions and on/off levels configured, an inflow rate to the pump station is calculated. This information is then logged onto the Volucalc and can be downloaded. Maid Labs even includes the capability of utilizing an internet modem so that configurations, viewing real-time charts, and downloading data can all be done straight from an internet browser through the MaidMaps web interface tool; the modem is highly recommended as it eliminates the need to manually download the data. The data files can then be brought into Maid Labs’ Softmaid software where more detailed charts, tables, and reports can be viewed and exported. While our company was only interested in the rain and inflow data, this barely scratches the surface of all the software’s capabilities.

Working with Benoit and his Team was excellent; all were very responsive to emails and phone calls to assist with technical issues/questions that we had. In fact, Benoit created additional YouTube videos for us (and future use) to show how to connect the equipment and perform the draw-down test at the pump station.

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Maid Labs Technologies Inc.

For those who need it, not just for those who can afford it.

The Canadian company MAID Labs Technologies makes Municipal And Industrial Data (MAID) logging instruments. They have created the only wastewater pump station computer that significantly reduces the electrical consumption using the existing equipment. Power consumption, pump efficiency, level behavior and worldwide patent pending real-time high precision volumetric flow metering are some of the elements used to highlight embryonic catastrophic situation.