SCADA means Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, therefore it is made to remotely control equipment and record data. There is nothing in this word related to processing the recorded data and the quantity of data required to do this processing.

A SCADA software is a generic software, like Excel customized specifically for the need of its user. If its basic programming isn’t done, you’ll get a blank sheet like in Excel. The quality of the SCADA software is directly related to the capacity of the engineers who specified its functions and the integrators who programmed them. Most
engineering firms use specifications prepared by suppliers or integrators.

Maid Labs has invested 20 years in the development of volumetric algorithms, which is why softwares like Mermaid and Maid Maps exist. Maid Labs’ software go further and show where money can be saved, what might break next, and where the infiltration is, etc.