MLCELANTR Cellular antenna for underground road installation. Diameter of 1″ and lenght of 12.5″ plus a 4 feet cable with gold plated connector. 5dB gain.

Maid Labs’ underground antenna is designed to improve cellular communication for devices installed in manholes and to supply waterproof external antennas for metal enclosures.

Installation :

The installation consists of installing underground, horizontally to the ground, or with a slight angle towards the surface and to finish as close to the ground surface as possible by drilling a hole from the inside of the manhole or through the surface, which will need to be repaired.

The distance between the surface and the lowest point of the antenna should not be more that 8cm (3 inches).

The antenna must be entirely outside of the manhole because metallic covers block cellular waves.

Dimensions :

Length : 30 cm (12 inches)

Diameter : 3,2 cm (1.25 inch)

Cable : Coaxial 115 cm (45 inches)

Connector : Male SMA

This image shows how the antenna cable connects through an enclosure and the sealed antenna.