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Présentation du logiciel SoftMaid (12 min)


The SoftMaid software is the first tool to integrate electrical and hydraulic analysis. It is made of two products, a datalogger and a software. The volumetric flow calculated by the Mermaid software is within 2% of the accuracy of a mag meter, but can be installed in 10 minutes and moved to other stations if needed. Electrical bills can be drastically reduced by identifying how much electricity is being wasted by inefficient pumps in a collection system. It identifies which pump should be repaired or replaced first and how much it will cost if not done. We invite you to see all the reports generated onscreen and on paper. You will understand why it pays for itself so rapidly.

Flow rates and energy consumption for each pump are required to calculate pump efficiency, which is the number of gallons pumped per watt of electricity used. Until now, getting this money saving service was too expensive and required highly trained field personal and nearly $20,000 of power and flow monitoring instruments, working for several days to get all the required data. The cost of such a service was simply too high … until now. Over a period of 20 years our engineering staff have developed the most accurate patented volumetric flow technology. Then, for 7 years we worked on the development of a multi-pump, multi-phase electrical recorder that could fit inside all pump station control panels. Now it is possible to get this valuable information at a reasonable cost.
[tab title= »BÉNÉFICES »]

  • A higher level of accuracy in any flow condition without the need for on-site calibration.
  • Optional rainfall logging feature records and characterizes rain events
  • On-site sensor operation verification prior to leaving the site
  • Patented algorithm

[tab title= »APPLICATIONS »]

  • Information Program
  • Billing / Custody Transfer
  • Capacity Studies
  • Collection Systems
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) Studies and Monitoring
  • Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Studies
  • Short Term and Long-Term Flow Monitoring
  • NPDES Stormwater Compliance
  • Permanent Collection System Monitoring
  • Plant Influent and Effluent
  • Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies
  • Weir/Flume Calibration

[tab title= »SPÉCIFICATIONS »]

Product type Windows based software
Types of data displayed Influent and effluent flow, volume, pumped volume per watt of electricity used, maximum and minimum flow of the day, week and month, rain, level, pressure, time of operation, number of starts, sequence of operation of the pumps, cost of wasted electricity caused by inefficient pumps, Abnormal behavior, current, voltage, RPM, speed, temperature, etc.
Electrical reports available Summary of the pumps operation, Analog chart (current, voltage, level, pressure, temperature) and Digital events (power failure, pump run time, sequence of operation
Hydraulic reports available Flow and Rain (cycle and time based including flow in and out, rain), Inflow and Infiltration (Flow, dry day flow, rain, variation of flow caused by rain, pump capacity compared to flow) and Evaluation Report (summary of the overall condition of the lift station including annual cost of wasted electricity caused by inefficient pumps)
Report format output Most reports can be exported to Excel (.xls), Word (.doc), PDF and printed. Some have specific printer layout.
Lift station setup Done using Wizards and direct access
Correction of errors All parameters can be changed at any time
Flow accuracy ± 2 % average daily accuracy and ± 5 % cycle to cycle accuracy for most lift station under normal circumstances
Maximum number of pumps per lift station 3 x 3 phases per pump
Communication Direct connect using USB, RS-232, land line modem, cellular modem and Internet
Real time viewer Dials with multiple needle per pump, average current or voltage, percentage of unbalanced.
Maximum number of lift station monitored Unlimited

[tab title= »ACCESSOIRES »]

MLSOFTUP Software Upgrade
Dataloggers compatible with Mermaid
MLMMD Mermaid Datalogger
MLVS Volucalc Variable Speed Flowmeter

[tab title= »RAPPORTS »]

After a one week analysis, you would get the following information:

  • Cost of using each pump for one year
  • Savings if only the most efficient pump was used
  • Savings if the pumps were replaced by new highly efficient pumps(based on efficiency curves supplied by multiple manufacturer)
  • Daily flow curve compared to average dry day curve
  • Pump efficiency for each pump
  • Flow rate for each pump
  • Number of starts
  • Operation time
  • Average operation time per cycle
  • Equilibrium of the current within each pump
  • Equilibrium of the voltage powering the lift station, including generator for duplex stations
  • Abnormal starts or stops (multiple events within few seconds)
  • With optional rain gauge: daily flow, rain and infiltration curves
  • Monthly reports including for each day: rain, total daily volume, daily average flow, maximum flow and time, and for each pump and combination of pumps, average pump flow rate, number of starts, operation time.
  • Excel reports with one line, per change of condition of the pumps (and rain clicks) including time of occurrence of events, duration, pump operation, rain, volume, influent flow and pump flow rate.
  • Excel report with one line per 15 minutes (user can specify other period) including rain, volume, average influent flow, maximum flow and time, Average pump capacity, run time and starts.


This report shows:

  • Daily inflow (red)
  • Average dry day inflow (brown)
  • Infiltration (dotted line)
  • Pumps operation and flow rate (red, grey and brown bars)
  • Rain (blue)

The left panes show the data used to generate the reports. Data is sorted by clicking on a heading of columns. Panes can be hidden to maximize the viewing area.

Reports ca be generated in PDF format.


This screen displays data in real time from an instrument connected to the computer using one a RS232 serial communication port, a cellular modem, a Bluetooth or Ethernet interface.Type of dials can be selected in the left pane. Their size and range can be adjusted. The following information can be viewed in real time:

  • Current and Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Time
  • Battery voltage
  • Temperature
  • Analog and digital inputs
  • Rain (pulse input)


This report shows:

  • Date, time and duration of each part of pumping cycles
  • Pump in operation color coded to follow alternations
  • 100% accurate inflow when no pump runs. Calculated estimated inflow when pumps are in operation
  • Data is sorted by clicking on heading of columns
  • Exported to Excel format and PDF

Variation of the report shows:

  • One line per period of 15 and 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 hours, one day, one week and one month.
  • Each line includes rain, volume, inflow, maximum inflow and time, and for each combination of pumps, outflow, run time and number of starts.
  • Summaries

The Monthly Report shows all important daily data for an entire month or portion of the month including totals and averages.


This report is very practical to analyze the electrical behavior of the pumps. The scale can be adjusted. The following information can be viewed:

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Each phase of Pump 1, 2 or 3 individually
  • Analog input (4-20mA/0-5V)
  • Battery
  • Temperature