SCADA software is the base of the telemetry system. This software is usually programmed by an integrator to reflect the requirements of the engineers who have specified the features. 99% will specify that the pump status shall be remotely visible and a remote control possible. The staff at Maid Labs have invested near 20 years in the development of their accurate flow algorithms. We have intergrated hundreds of potential scenarios into the algorithm so it can perform properly. Lift stations change daily and for a telemetry system to be constantly correct we assume nothing changes at the lift stations, this is impossible. Maid Labs Volucalc RT is a state of the art volumetric flowmeter and has the entire flow algorithm within the instrument. Accessing the instrument’s processed data can be done using the same Ethernet access that is used to communicate to the RTU.

Volucalc RT has an analog output proportional to flow, which can be connected to the RTU. It is important to remember that an RTU is not a flowmeter. It does not have the processing capacity or the memory required to do the type of flow calculation performed by Volucalc RT. The next question explains why it should not be done in the telemetry software.