Maid Labs Technologies in-house team has over 40 years combined experience in researching and perfecting our innovative product line.

Meet our team and see what they do at Maid Labs on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact the person below who can best answer your questions!

Benoit Beaudoin, Founder President and Product Manager

Benoit Beaudoin

President and Product Manager
Toll-Free USA and Canada:
1-855-875-2144 x 1021

In 2002, Beno??t Beaudoin founded Maid Labs with over 25 years experience in the field of waste water flow analysis, and specifically in the development of the most accurate volumetric flow algorithm ever marketed. From 1986 to 2000, Beno??t wrote and secured six patents relative to flow, pump efficiency, and the petrochemical field.

Beno??t heads up the research and development team and decides which functions are added to increase the power of the software. He does this in response to our client???s feedback. Beno??t is also involved in the daily sales, customer support, and product development strategies, at the same time working on marketing strategies, product testing, video and image editing, and on 3D computer generated imagery and product creation.

With over 25 years in this industry, Beno??t regards us as redefining flow meter technology specifically regarding our MerMaid product. The accuracy is only one part that redefines flow technology. The easiness of the installation is another one. Adding electric monitoring of multiple motor allows this flow meter to be a powerful power analyzer. Then mixing flow and power generates efficiency information. Again, we are the first to generate this information based on real data, not theoretical results from obscure calculation.

For research & development issues and innovative product discussions please contact Benoit.


Val??rie Caron, General Manager

Val??rie Caron

General Manager
T 450-375-2144

Since April 2005, Valerie has been tracking, tracing and running the daily operations of the company. With a Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry she has the long term strategic development and growth of the company as her aspiration.

Valerie is a master at seeing the big picture, and she makes sure she has all the tiny details to enable this. In her position Valerie is able to use her natural organizational, communication, logical and creative skills to steer us towards the big picture. She is in a constant dialogue with the sales, marketing, research and development teams, as well as doing the companies accounting, administration and translating on important company literature.

She believes that we are solving problems with our products and adding features that go beyond our users expectations. For her our redefinition of flow meter technology is due to us doing things differently in this industry. As we integrate different concepts, different technologies, and at the same time we are mixing things up, which always brings something new, exciting and at times unexpected.

If you???re interested to learn more about our procedures, processes and investor opportunities take the opportunity to contact Valerie.


Caroline Beaudoin, National Sales Manager (Australia)

Caroline Beaudoin

National Sales Manager
M +61 400 888 575

Caroline joined the Maid Labs team in March 2012. Born in Quebec, Canada, she started a new chapter of her life in Australia in 2010, wanting to meet new challenges she took on the opportunity of developing the Australian market for Maid Labs. Known for her professionalism and determination, she has a background in administration, marketing, communication, customer service, and project management. These are all perfect skills to develop our presence in new markets.

Within Australia, she manages our client relationships, builds new business opportunities and recruits representatives in strategic locations across the country. Caroline uses her communication and problem solving skills to investigate client concerns and present efficient options and solutions which meet the customer needs.


Samuel Gervais, Research, Development and Production Manager

Samuel Gervais

Research, Development and Production Manager
T 450-375-2144

Samuel joined us in 2009, with a degree in computerized systems technology. Samuel is responsible for the firmware and the electronic design of the new line of products, all prototypes, electronic components purchasing and production.

For Samuel his inspirations are the problems that our clients face, or maybe don???t even know they have but he finds them in his research and development. For him Maid Labs is an innovative and inventive company who is developing new technologies which is both challenging and rewarding for his inquisitive mind.

On a daily basis Samuel???s tasks involve finding and thinking about new product ideas, to make and test them, while ensuring that everything in the concept works, after the testing phase he is then responsible for integration into the final product and supervising the quality control. Besides, all of this Samuel is the one on the team that gets us hooked up, linked in, networked up, and running smoothly in the virtual world.

For questions related to product development, new ideas, research and hardware components, Samuel is the one!


Philippe Mori, Software Engineer

Philippe Mori

Software Engineer
T 450-375-2144

Philippe has been working with us since the beginning in 2002. He has a degree in Computer Engineering, and his main responsibility is the design and development of our software.

Philippe is also busy looking for new ways to calculate flow and present the results in a user friendly manner. Philippe works behind the scenes at Maid Labs and the quality of his work is what makes our products so flexible.

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