Beno??t Beaudoin is the founder of the company and has over 25 years experience in the field of waste water treatment. From 1986 to 2000, Benoit wrote and secured six patents on the features of flow meters used in water treatment plants, and also for use in the petrochemical field. In the spring of 2002, he ??began working on his research and decided to combine his expertise and experience to launch the company Maid Labs Technologies.

Since 2002, Benoit and his team have developed patented technologies that outperform the older models designed by Benoit and the competition. The research and development of our equipment and software has engaged a team of programmers and electronic designers ??full time for more than 7 years. The devices that have developed proved to be more sophisticated than originally planned and in reality the software supporting the devices required more in depth development than anticipated.

In May 2010, a meeting with the Miami-Dade County and Benoit triggered the development of a patent pending design for a new product that was prototyped to address the specific needs of this city???s sewage system.?? The new design was based on allowing accurate calculation of the volume of the pipes supply to the pumping station, and data results would produce a real time flow chart able to predict and prevent sewage overflows. This is how our PressureMaid product came in to existence as a real solution to a present problem there was no competitive product on the market.

The platform that was used to develop this solution for Miami-Dade County has led to the creation of nine (9) other innovations all adapted to problems encountered in municipal wastewater and ??drinking water facilities. The launch of these new products took place from July 2011 to July 2012, starting with the event recorder EE-400 a sophisticated real-time volumetric flowmeter Volucalctm R / T (see full description in?? product section).

In 2013, we are following the strategic plan of building our distribution network, and increasing our client base across North America, Australia and Europe. We are also creating a series of specialized training, and technical support tools as well as product webinars; our overall goal is to make use of our products as simple as possible. To achieve this we believe that offering access to high quality training and support is fundamental to our success.



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