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    PressureMaid is a small pressure monitoring and datalogging device.The pressure is transferred through the Internet to the Web based MaidMap application which is showing the pressure of all the devices connected to MaidMap. Municipalities could have them strategically deployed in their owned buildings and employees??? home having Internet access to monitor the tap water pressure all over their territory. When a pressure gets out of acceptable range, visual and sound alarms grab the attention of those interested, the icon showing the pressure on the map changes color and an email alarm message can be sent. The device has a relay output that can be remotely activated, which could be used to open or close a valve.

    • Instantaneous readout of pressure
    • Available with a ???Plug and Play??? pressure sensor kit with fast setup and no calibration required
    • Easy installation ??? Valves can stay on during most installation
    • No need for on-site calibration, high levels of accuracy in any pressure condition
    • Pressure history on the Web
    • Cellular Wireless or Non-Wireless models available
    • Access your pressure data from the internet 24/7
    • Economical, compact solution for pressure monitoring
    • Incredible 2 Gb Data Storage
    • Dynamic logging intervals ensures data is collected as conditions change
    • Disconnectable sensor for quick and easy field replacement
    • Less Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    • On-site sensor operation verification prior to leaving the site

    • Information Program
    • Billing / Custody Transfer
    • Pressure Studies
    • Distribution Systems real time analysis
    • Low and high pressure warning system

    Name/Product number PressureMaid / MLPM
    Product type Tap water pressure monitoring
    Types of recorded and displayed data (always time stamped)
    Pressure accuracy ?? 0.5 % depending on pressure sensor specifications
    Downloadable data Everything that can be seen on screen is remotly accessible
    Alarms Max. & Min. Pressure
    Action taken when alarms Email, colour changes on geographic map
    Digital inputs 1
    Reading speed of digital input 1 Hz
    4-20mA analog input 1 used for Pressure
    Reading speed of analog input 1 Hz
    Analog input accuracy ?? 0.1 %. This does not include the sensor precision
    Analog input accuracy ?? 0.1 %. This do not include the sensor precision
    Digital output 1, activated with alarm setup or remote manually
    Update speed of analog output 1 Hz
    Analog output accuracy ?? 0.1 %
    Digital outpu 1, activated with alarm setup or proportional to flow or remotely controlled.
    Internal temperature sensor accuracy ?? 3??C
    Memory 2 Gb
    Memory (Million records) 200
    External power 12 VDC 1 Amp
    Operation time on batteries 2 days
    Type of batteries 2 types C rechargeable batteries
    Integrated battery charger YES
    Download USB drive and Internet
    Communication Interface USB drive and Internet
    Display Backlit graphic 128 x 64
    Keybord 4 soft keys
    Dimension (inches) 4.5 x 3.9 x 2.2
    Dimensions (cm) 11.5 x 9.9 x 5.6
    Weight including 2 batteries 1 lb/0.45 kg
    Warranty 3 years, parts and labor

    Part No Description
    MLMAP MaidMap software
    Power supply
    MLPS2 AC 12 VDC 1.5A
    Pressure Sensors
    MLPTAP 100 PSI tap water pressure sensor
    MLPTAP3 300 PSI tap water pressure sensor
    MCELETH Cellular Modem with Ethernet port
    Other Accessories
    MLEZPTAP Easy installation pressure sensor installation (not approved by all building code)
    MLSUP45 Quick release Stainless steel bracket for support at 45 degree
    MLSUP90 Quick release Stainless steel bracket for support at 90 degree

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