MerMaid Datalogger Installation


    The MerMaid hydraulic and electrical datalogger is a very small AC and battery powered datalogger that is able to monitor 3 phases for 3 motors, plus 4 digital inputs and one analog input. It reads every input 10 times per second. A reading is recorded only when its value has changed. This way for most lift stations it is possible to record one month of data before the newest data replaces the oldest. Each motor input can be used to record frequency, current or voltage. This device, which was created to do the best pump station diagnostic available is also perfect for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting electrical equipment. It can tell which motor, pump or equipment will fail next. It can find intermittent problems in minutes instead of hours or days without replacing parts.

    Compact in size this datalogger can be hidden in the electrical panel and work two weeks on 2C batteries.

    • Extraordinary quantity of useful data
    • Easy installation ??? Station stays in operation during installation
    • Fast setup and no calibration required.
    • Cellular Wireless and other communication formats available
    • Economical, compact solution for flow monitoring.
    • High degree of accuracy.
    • Easy installation, no profiling required.
    • Staggering storage capacity.
    • Dynamic logging intervals ensures data is collected as conditions change.
    • Optional rainfall logging feature records and characterizes rain events.
    • Disconnectable sensor for quick and easy field replacement.
    • On-site sensor operation verification prior to leaving the site.

    • Information Program
    • Billing / Custody Transfer
    • Capacity Studies
    • Collection Systems
    • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) Studies and Monitoring
    • Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Studies
    • Short Term and Long-Term Flow Monitoring
    • NPDES Stormwater Compliance
    • Permanent Collection System Monitoring
    • Plant Influent and Effluent
    • Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies

    Product type Multiple motor electrical recorder
    Types of data recorded
    (always time stamped)
    Based on sensor selection, but usually frequency, current, voltage, rain, analog and digital inputs, etc.
    Number of digital inputs 4, with reserved for rain
    Reading speed of digital input 10 Hz
    Analog inputs 1 software set to 4-20mA or 0-5V, 9 electrical
    Type of electrical inputs 9 inputs for current, voltage or analog modules (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-24V)
    Analog input reading speed 10 Hz
    Analog input accuracy ?? 0.1 %. This do not include the sensor precision
    Digital output 1, activated with alarm setup or remote manually.
    Internal temperature sensor accuracy ?? 3??C
    Memory 2 Mb
    Memory (number of records) 500,000
    External power 3 VDC 1 Amp
    Operation time on batteries 2 weeks
    Type of batteries 2 types C alcalines batteries or rechargeables
    Integrated battery charger YES
    Download RS232, USB using a cable converter, Land line modem, cellular modem, Ethernet using Serial converter
    Communication Interface RS232 (DB9)
    Installation Options DIN Rail
    Dimension (inches) 3 x 2.5 x 6.75
    Dimensions (cm) 8 x 6.5 x 17.2
    Weight including 2 type C batteries 1 lb/0.45 kg
    Warranty 3 years, parts and labor

    MLSOFTM Mermaid software
    Power supply
    MLPS1 90-240V AC 3 VDC 2 A
    Connectors (for current sensors)
    MLCTA6 Connector for 3 MLCT150 or MLCT300
    Current sensors
    MLCT5-15-75 Mini current sensor with selector 5A, 15A and 75A
    MLCT150 Current Clamps 150 Amps
    MLCT300 Current Clamps 300 Amps
    MLCTP1500 Precision current sensors 1500Amps
    Voltage sensor and accessories
    MLPT600 3 phases 670 Volts voltage transformer
    MLPTCBLY Wires and clamps for Wye configuration
    MLPTCBLD Wires and clamps for Delta configuration
    Analog input converters
    (to use on motor inputs)
    MLAI420A 4-20mA analog input converter
    MLAI05V 0-5V analog input converter
    MLAI010V 0-10V analog input converter
    MLAI024V 0-24V analog input converter
    MLUSB232 USB to RS-232 serial adaptor
    MLCB232MF6 RS-232 extension cable 6′
    MLERS232 Ethernet-Serial RS232 Interface
    MCELETH Cellular Modem with Ethernet port
    Other Accessories
    MLRG1 Rain gauge NWS approved
    MLCASE1 Aluminum briefcase with moulded separators
    MLPL Wastewater pressure sensor for level and force main

    To view Maid Labs Technologies 3D drawings, install the free 3D software viewer eDrawings on the computer, Android or iPad tablets. It can be downloaded from

    Many accessories have 3D drawings. The following icon indicates those who have one: 3D drawing available

    Click on the picture below to download MerMaid Datalogger in 3D. Specifications and accessories can change at any time. Some components might be there simply to help understand the concept.

    3D drawing available

    Summary page for MerMaid and Volucalc VS

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