Monitor - Flow Meter - Efficiency Based Controller - Backup controller - Abnormal Behavior Detector - RTU


The FlowMaid is a small monitor used to record level, flow, volume and discrete events. In its submersible small enclosure, it can operate for 3 years while powering an ultrasonic sensor and a cellular modem.


Station performance analyzer - The MerMaid software is the only tool to integrate electrical and hydraulic analysis. It is made of two products, a datalogger and a software.


MaidMaps is a powerful telemetry software able to display data in real time. Generate graphs, tables and alarms. Can be used to remotely change the settings of the instruments.


Maid Labs Technologies strives to provide innovative high quality flow meter products at a reasonable cost, products that allow municipalities and industries to increase the efficiency of their staff and working environments. We are also focused on saving our clients time, energy, and money and design our products as ECO Friendly as possible.

Based in Granby, Quebec, Maid Labs Technologies was founded in 2002, and has successfully developed an innovative line of products used to monitor water lifts and water stations overall efficiency. Founded by Benoit Beaudoin, Maid Labs has a team of seven full time employees who are dedicated to the advancement of our products and company at the international level.

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