Wastewater Lift Station Maintenance Tool


Getting the full picture about what is really going on in your municipal wastewater lift stations has never been so easy. A MerMaid is the answer.

  • Installation is simple - clip current clamps around pump wires and you’re done!
  • No initial settings are required. All programming is done offline using MerMaid software.
  • Designed and optimized for sewage lift station monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • AC and battery operated, recording 10 times per second for over one month at most lift stations. MerMaid is the ideal diagnostic tool!

MerMaid Datalogger starts at $2995 USD

Video presenting the installation of the MerMaid Sewage lift station data logger


The MerMaid software generates the right reports to take the right decisions.

  • Know if lift station pumps are still efficient and what would really be needed to replace them.
  • Learn the actual safety margin supplied by the pumps capacity under all conditions.
  • Use MerMaid during a lift station startup - be sure everything is operating according to the specifications. (Most are not!)
  • Acquire accurate and affordable I & I data.
  • MerMaid uses the most advanced and accurate volumetric flowmeter algorithm ever developed for lift stations. No lift station RTU has enough power to integrate it!
  • Pinpoints any potential anomalies with the most complete lift station evaluation report on the market.
  • Remarkable return on investment (ROI).
  • Try MerMaid software free for one month.

MerMaid Software starts at $1195 USD

Municipal Wastewater Lift Station software

Detecting abnormal behaviors at lift stations before they become emergencies is now easy with MerMaid. Most hydraulic and electrical problems are initially intermittent before becoming expensive crises. MerMaid software is a highly specialized volumetric flow meter and maintenance diagnostic tool designed to analyze all the parameters of a sewage lift station, AND can tell you the annual cost of wasted electricity caused by doing nothing!


MerMaid is an innovative, powerful yet low cost alternative to expensive SCADA systems. A SCADA system is a remote monitoring system, not a troubleshooting tool. Adding the features of MerMaid to your SCADA would be costly and time consuming. Use MerMaid’s powerful, built-in lift station analysis to get the data you need to make the right decisions.


MerMaid helps cut maintenance costs by finding problems faster, reducing wasted electricity, and minimizing troubleshooting errors by recording the most important elements affecting the pumps and the lift station multiple times per second and showing all of this in useful reports.


Increase the accuracy of your decisions with MerMaid!